I’m a qualitative researcher who is passionate about making things better for people.  A majority of my work over the last 13 years has been working with government and some of our most vulnerable members of society in order to make those interactions less confusing and more aligned with community member needs.

During my Bachelor’s degree (BS Criminal Justice, 2003) I spent time working with the police in the East Los Angeles area and assisting on death investigations with the Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s Department.  For my Master’s degree in Las Vegas (MA Criminal Justice, 2005), I shifted my focus and worked on understanding crimes from the perspective of the victim.   After finishing my MA, I served as the Director of Delinquency Programming for a large children’s charity organisation, helping to keep children out of the juvenile justice system in the Las Vegas area.  I also worked closely with probation staff, police officers and community leaders as co-chair of the Southern Nevada Community Gang Task Force.

Although I enjoyed working in the community, I truly missed research.  In 2008 I decided to start working as a research contractor and founded Crowther Research Services.  During this time, I worked on projects mostly helping government services identify gaps in service areas, or evaluating as-is services to identify what improvements could be made.

In 2012, I moved from Las Vegas to Newcastle upon Tyne and continued working as a contractor in England.  I left contracting and joined the NHS in 2015 and began working on digital projects as a user researcher.

I have dual American/British citizenship and can work and live in both countries.